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Independence Day in the Czech Republic is celebrated on the anniversary of the 1918 achievement of the independence of the now-defunct Czechoslovakia from the Austro-Hungarian Empire upon the dissolution of the Empire at the conclusion of World War I. The Czech Republic is a landlocked nation in central Europe whose capital city is Prague, which his translated from Old Slavic into English as “Ford” for its location at a crossing point of the Vltava River.

Labour Day in New Zealand is celebrated on the fourth Monday in October as a day on which the labor of its citizens is honored with a day off from work and school. New Zealand is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean 1,250 miles southeast of Australia and is comprised of the North Island and the South Island and smaller islands nearby. Its capital city is Wellington, for the first Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley.

 “Oxi” (“Ohee”) is translated from Greek into English as “No” and Oxi Day is celebrated in Cyprus andin Greece on the anniversary of the 1940 one-word reply from Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas toItalian dictator Benito Mussolini’s ultimatum that he allow the positioning of Italian forces within Greeceor face war, upon which Italy attacked Greece across its border with Albania as Greeks took to the streetsshouting “Oxi!” Greece is formally named The Hellenic Republic, from the Ancient Greek “Hellas” (“Of the Hellenes” — the tribe who settled the region from Western Europe 5,000 years ago). It is located in southeastern Europe at the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula and its capital city is Athens, for Athena, the Ancient Greek Goddess of wisdom, warfare, strength, justice, and skill. The Republic of Cyprus is an island nation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea with a total land area of 3,572 square miles. Its capital city is Nicosia, the origin of whose name is unknown.




Creole Day in Dominica is a festive celebration of the nation’s native Creole culture. The Commonwealth of Dominica is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea with a total land area of 290 square miles whose name is translated from Latin into English as “Sunday,” the day of the week on which it was sighted by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus upon his 1492 arrival in the Americas. The nation’s capital city is Roseau, which is translated into English as “reeds” for those that grow along the island’s coast.

Naming Day in Tanzania is celebrated on the anniversary of the 1964 renaming of the country from the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar to the United Republic of Tanzania, which is located in East Africa and whose name is a blend of the names of its two regions. The nation’s capital city is Dodoma, which is translated from Gogo into English as “It has sunk.”

Republic Day in Turkey is celebrated on the anniversary of the 1923 amendment to the nation’s constitution through which the former caliphate adopted a republican form of government. The Republic of Turkey occupies the Anatolian Peninsula in Eurasia with a 500 mile northern coastline along the Black Sea and 350 mile western and 500 mile southern coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. Its capital city is Ankara, as derived from the Greek “Ankyra,” which is translated into English as “Anchor.”



The Birthday of His Majesty the King-Father is celebrated in Cambodia on the anniversary of the 1922 birth of Norodom Sihanouk, who reigned from 1942 until 2004, when he abdicated in favor of his son, King Norodom Sihamoni, who has reigned since. The Kingdom of Cambodia is located on the Indochinese Peninsula in southern Asia with a 200 mile southeastern coastline along the Gulf of Thailand, and its capital city is Phnom Penh, which is translated from Cambodian into English as “Temple Hill” for the 14th century Wat Phnoman Buddhist temple.




Halloween is a fun-filled holiday celebrated throughout the western world, most commonly in the Americas and in Europe with festivities that begin around sundown, when celebrants dress in costume and attend parties featuring games, candy, food and drink. In North America, Trick or Treating is a tradition in which children in costume go door-to-door offering their neighbors the choice between a trick (being played on them) or a treat (proffered by the householder in order to ward off the trick). The origin of Halloween is in the Celtic Festival of Samhain and its name is derived from “All Hallows Eve” — the evening before the Christian Feast of All Saints, which is more commonly known as All Saints’ Day and is one on which Christians celebrate the lives of those they hold to be saints.

Reformation Day is celebrated by Protestant Christians and is a national holiday in Germany and in Switzerland on the anniversary of the day in 1520 when Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on the door of a Roman Catholic church in Wittenburg, Germany, which brought excommunication from the church and the founding of the Lutheran and later Protestant Churches.

The Birthday of Chiang Kai-shek is celebrated in the Republic of China on the anniversary of the 1887 birth of the Chinese military and political leader who assumed the leadership of the Chinese Nationalist Party and the nation after the death of Sun Yat-sen (the founder of the party and first Provisional President of the republic), led its military forces during the 1927-1950 Chinese Civil War, retreated to the Taiwan islands upon their defeat by the forces of the Chinese Communist Party under the direction of Mao Zedong (who founded the People’s Republic of China on the main-land) and continued serving as President of the Republic of China (which is often referred to as Taiwan) until his death in 1975. The Republic of China should not be confused with the People’s Republic of China, which is located on the Asian mainland. 

Nevada Day in the USA is celebrated on the anniversary of the 1864 admission to the union of the Territory of Nevada as the 36th of the 50 United States of America. Nevada is located in the US Southwest and its state capital is Carson City, for 19th century American trapper, guide and Civil War General Christopher “Kit” Carson. The United States of America is comprised of a mainland of forty-eight contiguous states located on the continent of North America with an exclave state, Alaska, which is situated at the northwestern-most tip of the continent, bordered to the east by Canada, and a fiftieth state, Hawaii, which is comprised of hundreds of islands in the central Pacific Ocean 2,000 miles southwest of the mainland. Its capital city is Washington, DC, as named for the nation’s first president, George Washington. With a total land area of 3,794,101 square miles, the US is the third- or fourth-largest country in the world (after Russia and Canada) as is the People’s Republic of China, depending upon the inclusion or exclusion of disputed territories.